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2023 Lifestyle Sessions Recap

Do you believe that 2023 was our 15th year in business? Time has flown by so quickly and it’s absolutely crazy to think that we’ve been following people around with cameras for that long.

“Lifestyle Sessions” is the catch all term that we apply to our non wedding/engagement sessions. They’re mostly family sessions but there are also maternity, senior, anniversary, and newborn sessions included. With a little help from a promotion we ran from May through September, we did A LOT of them in 2023.
Most of our lifestyle sessions are for past clients and friends which means that most are return clients. So much of our business and our life as we know it is thanks to people like you will see in this blog post. They have trusted us over and over again, whether it’s with their own photos or to recommend us to their friends and family. Thank you so much for letting us follow you around with cameras!

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Today’s special moments are tomorrow’s memories.

Genie from Aladdin

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