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2019 Lifestyle Sessions Recap

Over the course of the year, we actually do quite a few sessions that don’t fit into the Wedding/Engagement bubble. We’ve never really given them the attention they deserve, not because we don’t enjoy them, but because we haven’t had the time to do a lot of them. The truth is, these types of sessions actually wind up being some of our most cherished. Since we do not advertise much, they tend to be for friends, past couples, family, or acquaintances. If they weren’t any of these before the session, they are now. These are our people through and through.

This is the first time that we’ve done an “Other Session” year end Recap. The sessions in this post include anniversary sessions, family sessions, senior pictures, maternity and newborn sessions, and even a just because photo shoot. We get to see families grow and document important life milestones. We also get to meet some pretty amazing puppies!! Most importantly, we have the honor of photographing the people that mean the most to us. Thank you all for trusting us and supporting us. Your friendship is more valuable than you could ever know.

“You and me, we’re in a club now.” —Elie from UP

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