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2020 Lifestyle Sessions Recap

“Some people are worth melting for.”

Olaf, Frozen

Last year was the first time we did an Other Sessions Recap.  This basically includes everything that isn’t a wedding or an engagement session (family, maternity, newborn, anniversary, senior, etc.) We don’t typically do a lot of advertising for these types of sessions because weddings take up the bulk of our time.  This year was obviously a bit different though.  

2020 was a challenge for just about everyone and we were no exception.  An incredible amount of support from our friends and past clients helped to take the edge off the worst of it.   Spending that little bit of time with them brought us soooo much joy and meeting their families and witnessing important milestones was such an honor.  2020 also brought some new families into our LMP circle who trusted us as strangers to photograph a page of their story. 

Thank you all for supporting us and our business.  Your support means absolutely everything to us.

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