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Local Flowers For Low Stress Planning With Beautiful Results – Sunborn Gardens

Hi! I’m Lisa from Sunborn Gardens. My husband and I run a flower farm and floral design business out of our family land in Mount Horeb. Our business has grown specialty cut flowers since 1975 making us a second-generation flower family. We fill our summer weekends providing florals for weddings and events and our winters seed planning and dreaming up color palettes and designs for our couples.

Why local flowers?

The Freshest product you can find

The flower industry throughout the globe has a long history of practices that are extremely harmful for the environment and the people handling the product. Flowers are often grown in large mono-cropped areas heavy with cancer causing pesticides and rife with underappreciated and underpaid workers, mostly women, with the profits going to the owners back in the united States. Most flowers sold in the United states are coming from Holland or South America, which means long trips on a plane packed tightly in a box without water. Flowers once cut are slowly decaying, water helps slow this process. Packing tightly in a box bruises petals or causes rot. Local flowers are cut at the height of their beauty directly into water and placed in a cooler for freshness.

The most interesting blooms

The varieties that are available locally are amazing and they are not the everyday roses and chrysanthemums you are used to seeing. Specialty crops feel special. We use varieties that wouldn’t ship well on a plane like dahlias and Lisianthus. These flowers are picked just for you to fit the feel of your wedding. Local flowers end up having that artisanal feel like a dinner filled with local food, or a custom dress made for your body. You are guaranteed to have flowers unlike any other wedding.

Take away the stress and allow for surprise

The number one thing you should look for in ordering your flowers is do you like that designer’s aesthetic and does that aesthetic fit the feel of your event. Check out their portfolio of work to make sure they are the right fit. There are all sorts of designers out there and success starts by wanting the kind of work they do. Van Gogh and Rembrandt are both very successful painters, but their styles are super different… same goes with creating flowers for events. Here at Sunborn Gardens we have a certain aesthetic that focuses on seasonal blooms with a lush garden style feel. Its our job as a creator to gain your trust and really listen to your vision in order to make sure we deliver what you have been dreaming of. Because of how we work you do not need to pick every single variety in your bouquet or have any knowledge of flower types. Bringing images of things, you are drawn to is enough. Let us create a plan for you that focuses on the best blooms in the gardens that week. I tell my couples there is so much of your wedding you know exactly what it is going to look like, you have tasted the cake, picked the place settings, created your song list, fitted your dress to perfection, let flowers be like Christmas morning, a joyous colorful surprise created just for you.

What about Budget!

I get it, weddings add up and add up fast! While it may seem that local and artisan flowers grown in small diverse batches will come with a higher price tag, that is often not the case. We all know the best tasting tomato is the one from the market grown at the height of its season, there is no comparison. But at the height of its season that heirloom and organic tomato has a lower price tag than it would in winter due to its abundance. Ranunculus in ranunculus season, peonies in peony season, Dahlias in Dahlia season is how to keep the cost aligned with any other event florist. Not only do you receive the best quality flowers, it feels right for that time of year. If full-service design is not in your budget we also offer A la carte florals or buckets of flowers for DIY. Local flower lovers should be able to get local flowers no matter their budget.

Check us out or come say hi at the dance County Farmers Market on Saturday Mornings!

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