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Halie & Cody – Wisconsin Engagement Photographers

We first met Halie and Cody back in May for their engagement session. We were watching the weather all week, and it kept going back and forth on if it wanted to rain or not. The day of, the chance was so low that we decided to go ahead with their session at High Cliff State Park. The second we took the first picture, it started raining!! It continued to rain for a good hour before we decided to give up and schedule Part 2.

Let me tell you, the rain this year has been insane! We had to reschedule with Halie and Cody several times before finally getting a day with sun! For Part 2, Halie and Cody drove to Madison where we found the perfect Summer weather to get everything we needed. We had so much fun, and I am so happy they made the last second decision to move their session up (because of rain)! Their wedding day will be here in no time, and Matt and I couldn’t be more excited for it!

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