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Cassandra & Lenny – Monona Terrace Wedding Photographers

Our first wedding of 2023 brought us to the Monona Terrace, where Cassandra and Lenny said “I do” in front of their closest family and friends. This Winter day was particularly chilly, but that didn’t stop these two from a perfect celebration!

Cassandra and Lenny had their ceremony next to the windows overlooking the lake, and followed it up with a Tea Ceremony with a smaller group. It was perfect in every way and I love how they included this tradition! If you are unfamiliar with a tea ceremony, this is where the bride and groom serve tea to their families. They then receive well wishes and gifts, welcoming them into the family.

After the tea ceremony, we headed back to the reception where they celebrated with family and played some fun games to get the party started. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day to start the year!

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