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Brittany & Christian – Merrill, Wisconsin Film Engagement Photographer

One of my favorite things about photography is film. It’s timeless and produces colors and textures that you can’t find in digital photography. This past Summer, I traveled up to Merrill, Wisconsin to capture Brittany and Christian’s engagement pictures and decided to take my film camera along. I actually didn’t pull it out until about halfway through the session when I mentioned that I brought it just in case. I am so glad Brittany and Christian were as excited about film as I was, encouraging me to pull it out of the car and snap some pictures. While not every pictures is perfect, and the focus isn’t always sharp, these pictures are some of my favorites, and not just because these two share amazing chemistry and know how to take one amazing picture 😉 

These pictures are all film. Let us know if you are interested in having us shoot film at your session or wedding!


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