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2018 Wedding Recap

2018 has come and gone. One of the stranger things about the year was how our weddings fell on the calendar. Our busy season came late and stayed late with things really taking off in late May and carrying through almost to the end of November. It’s like the whole season shifted a month which is just wild to think about. That variability is something that we’ve really grown to love about our business though. As much as weddings stay the same, they are also always changing and shifting with no two ever being exactly alike.

The dynamic between us as Wedding Photographers and our clients is so unique and like nothing else we’ve ever experienced. Most of our couples start out as strangers to us. We may or may not meet before they decide to book us for their Weddings. Often the Engagement Session is the first time we get to spend any significant amount of time with them. Yet, on the day of the wedding they often spend more time with us than anyone else. That seems super weird right? I gotta tell you though… I think it’s because of that unique dynamic that we become so emotionally invested in them. I can personally attest to the level of difficulty involved in trying to look through the viewfinder of a camera with tears in your eyes.

We were lucky enough to witness the vows of 32 couples this past year. We watched 32 brides walk down the aisle towards their futures. We watched 32 grooms try not to cry (some being much more successful than others). Most importantly, we witnessed the love and happiness of 32 groups of families and friends.

Thank you for trusting us to photograph your weddings, thank you for trusting us enough to recommend us to your friends and family, and thank you for allowing us to be there for some of your most important moments. We are so incredibly grateful that we are able to live this life and none of it is possible without you. You are amazing and we love you.

“Where there is love there is life.”

— Mahatma Gandhi

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