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2016 Engagement Session Recap

When asked about our business, we have always considered ourselves Wedding Photographers. Truth be told, Engagement Photography has always been what we most enjoy doing. Engagement shoots allow us to interact with our couples on a more personal level and really get to see their personalities. There is far less pressure than the wedding day and everyone is more relaxed. Generally, it’s the point where the couple realizes that having their picture taken is nowhere near as painful as they anticipated. They seem to get more comfortable with us and the process throughout the session. This is why we always encourage couples to take advantage of our complimentary engagement sessions when they decide to book us as their wedding photographer. It truly does make a noticeable difference on the day of the wedding.

Even though we are based outside of Madison, our couples are from all over. We found ourselves traveling to Milwaukee, Wisconsin Rapids, and Dubuque one week and then Sheboygan, Stevens Point, and La Crosse the next to meet them in locations that actually mean something to their relationships. We even had out of state trips to Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Tennessee, and South Carolina. The odometers on our vehicles had a heck of a run this year but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We love traveling and seeing new locations.

Looking back on 2016, it was a year where our business really exploded. The number of weddings we shot more than doubled from the previous year and as would be expected, the number of engagement sessions followed the same trend. Here’s a recap of all the Engagement Sessions we had this past year.


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