My husband, Matt, and I are fine art wedding photographers based near Madison, Wisconsin. We met in college, where we both accidentally fell in love with wedding photography. While I have always had a passion for photography, I never imagined that this passion would turn into such an amazing journey. Being wedding photographers for 10 years, we have met so many truly amazing couples. Every love story is unique, and we want to capture yours.

We look forward to working with you and capturing your special day!


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Q. How long have you been photographing weddings?

A. Matt and I have been photographing weddings for over 10 years! While we started off slow since we both had full-time jobs, we slowly transitioned into both being full-time wedding photographers.


Q. Will we get both Larissa and Matt on our wedding day?

A. Yes! You will get both of us on your wedding day and engagement session. This allows us to split up during formals (Matt takes the guys and I take the girls) so we can maximize your portrait times and get more images. We can also split up in the morning, so Matt captures the guys getting ready while I stick with the girls.


Q. How many images are delivered for our wedding day?

A. While all weddings are different, the average amount of pictures we deliver is 1,000 for your wedding day. These delivered images are split up into categories, so it’s easy to look through them all.


Q. What is the deposit to secure you as our wedding photographers?

A. The default deposit is 50% of the package cost. Payment plans are available if you want to spread out the package costs over time and have a smaller deposit. We also offer discounts for those who pay in full.


Q. We have never done this before!! Will you help us with a timeline and other wedding details?

A. Yes! Once you book, I will send you a 70+ paged magazine that covers everything from your engagement session through your wedding. I talk about timelines, what to expect the day of, as well as other tips for your day. After you read through this, I would love to help you customize a timeline to best fit your day!


Q. Have you shot at our location before?

A. While we have been shooting weddings for 10 years, there are so many amazing venues in every state. We love shooting at new venues, as it helps spark creativity because it’s new and exciting! We are fully confident that we can shoot in any location and still find the best light while capturing timeless, emotional images of your day!


Q. How long does it take for us to get back our pictures?

A. For engagement sessions, the average is 2 weeks. Weddings take about 4 – 6 weeks.


Q. We are so awkward in pictures! Can you help us with this?

A. 90% of our couples tell me they are awkward in pictures! I feel the same about myself! Most people don’t get their pictures taken professionally very often, and we understand that! We want you to have fun and enjoy the process. That is why we highly recommend getting your engagement pictures done with us as well. During your session, we will put you in poses that are natural and interactive where you feel like you are just hanging out. We want to capture true emotions and will work with you to create the best experience.